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If you’ve done the exercise, Do You Know Where You Stand Financially, you know how much you’re currently spending. Now you can look at where you could potentially save money. There’ll be some things you have no control over - Council Rates, Vehicle Registrations, Medical/Health expenses, the cost of fuel, school fees.

There may be some things you think you have no control over but in fact you do, to some degree. You may not think you have much control over your electricity and water bills but you do. It’s about awareness of your habits. Changing habits isn’t easy but with a conscious effort, new and better habits can be formed, even in children.

We’ve all heard how turning appliances off at the power point, replacing incandescent globes with ‘environmentally friendly’ globes, turning lights and fans off when no one is in the room, keeping air conditioners at a particular temperature, all reduces carbon dioxide emissions but it reduces the electricity bill too.

We don’t have much choice when it comes to insurance premiums but you could shop around for a better deal. Perhaps combining a number of policies with the one insurance company could give you cheaper premiums. You could shop around yourself, for the best premiums but it is time consuming. There are a number of local businesses who can do this for you. With insurance for your car, home and home contents as well as life insurance, mortgage protection and health insurance, there are a number of areas where you could find a better deal and save.

The phone bill is often a big expense every month, so how can you reduce the cost? There might be a better plan you could be on. Perhaps combining your mobile, landline and internet on the one plan could be a better deal. Would having a pre-paid phone help bring your spending back in line? Pre-paid is certainly a good idea for children.

We don’t have much choice on the cost of individual grocery items but we can make wiser choices about what to buy to get value for money. Set yourself a budget for grocery shopping and take a calculator to add up everything you put in your trolley. This will help you stick to your budget. During the week, make a list of what you need and then do your shopping once a week. Avoid shopping daily or every few days. It’ll make it more difficult to keep track of what you’re spending. The key is to be organised. For example, if you prefer to shop on a Saturday, put some time aside on Thursday or Friday to plan your meals for the next week.

Then there are those items that you have complete control over. You can choose to have a AANT Membership or Ambulance Cover. These are wise choices to spend your money on but you could also choose not to have them. You can choose to join a sporting club or a gym. You can choose to subscribe to a magazine, Austar, to see/hire a movie or to buy lunch almost every day. And you can choose what products and services to buy.

Do you really need to use your car every day? Could you walk, ride or catch public transport? Do you need to drive to the local IGA or service station for a paper on a Sunday morning? Could you walk or ride? Do you get in your car numerous times during the day, running errands, running the children back and forth to sporting events? Is it frustrating? If you can, tie your errands/appointments/shopping trips together so you’re not running back and forth from home numerous times.

Essentially, what saving money boils down to is, what are your financial goals and how determined are you to reach them? It’s much easier to save money if you have a goal, and your ability to completely focus on that goal for a period of time, will help you arrive at that goal faster. It also comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to reach that goal, knowing those sacrifices will be temporary. The sense of satisfaction when you’ve reached your goal will be worth it. And then, you can reassess your situation and create new goals.

So, how badly do you want to achieve your financial goals and what actions are you willing to put in place to achieve your goals? Perhaps make a list of your current priorities. Do you need to review them? And while you’re considering your goals and the kind of life you’d like to live, be grateful for everything you have right at this moment. Whatever situation you’re in, you’re the only one who got you there and you’re the only one who can make changes to your life. Take responsibility. Don’t blame others for where you’re at right now.

Now, get thinking, and create a better life for yourself. You can do it!
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